Toolkit For Doom Walnut Creek 1994

With 7600 files, 3500 news from the newsgorup, and more than 500 ready to run add-on levels, this disc will surely provide you with hours of enjoyment. Included on this disc are extra maze levels, tools for map editing, Doom 1 utility programs, and documentation on id Software's Doom 1 and its special data files. The disc is set up so you can run the wads directly off the CDROM using our handy shell and your copy of the registered version of Doom (version 1). You'll have fun with the extreme carnage made possible with this disc. :) The disc is set up for RBBS, Opus, PCBoard, Wildcat, Maximus, file_id.diz, and Spitfire BBS software.
ISO Demo 244MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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