Dissolution Garage Studios 2018

Early Access Release Humanity is facing an extinction event of unprecedented scale. The artificial intelligence that we’ve created has gone rogue and overthrown us. In a desperate bid to destroy the AI, humanity utilized orbital weapons to obliterate the earth. The remnants of mankind are scattered across the solar system. From the moment you start your journey, your choices will guide you in your own unique direction and provide a self-tailored experience of life in the great beyond. Choose your path; join the United Interplanetary Defense Forces (UIDF), become a trader, treasure hunter, gun for hire, or a pirate. No matter where your interests lie, there’s opportunity for you to make your mark in the world. Players are allowed a great deal of freedom and personal choice with how they play the game. You'll be able to purchase properties, vehicles, weapons, trade stocks and bonds, and get involved in a free-floating economy where prices are decided by supply and demand. You could be a pacifist and not even own a firearm, or become a ruthless pirate pillaging supply ships and leaving no survivors. A marketplace will allow free trading to take place between players. The Earth has been destroyed by weapons of mass destruction to try and stop the AI who'd taken over most of the world. The game takes place two centuries after the final war on Earth. The AI production facilities were all destroyed, but some of their troops survived and are holed up on the dark edges of the solar system near Pluto. However, survival isn't easy. Food always seems to be in short supply, and filtering and harvesting water takes precious energy. What was left of the military forces and the UN united to form the United Interplanetary Defense Force or the UIDF. Their job is to essentially serve as a police force and resolve disputes and protect settlers from bandits who would steal supplies by force. Each player can choose to help advance the story in whatever direction they desire. Less scrupulous players will choose to take advantage of the chaos to rob, kill, and terrorize other players. But if you get too much notoriety, the UIDF may deploy to come settle things. A dynamic storytelling experience will emerge through updates to the game, based on player's decisions. Too much chaos and internal fighting may cause the remnants of the AI troops to rally and attack. Likewise, a unified front will help deter them from attacking, and may help push them back. The economy side of the game is backed with a blockchain. This enforces truly finite and limited resources, as well as allowing players to trade privately outside of our marketplace, even though our marketplace is completely free of any fees or charges. All items in the game world are finite and limited in quantity with the exception of some consumables which will not be tokenized, such as ammo, water, food, etc. Built on the powerful Unreal Engine 4, it plans to expand further and further into the solar system as the player base grows, eventually implementing an interplanetary procedural exploration system.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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