Silent Operation III: The Impossible Mission Under Water Kims Games 1995

Very rare Korean horizontal shmup, apparently, of free origin. The presence of the number III in the title is impossible to explain: there is no information about the first parts. The plot and the prehistory are absent: our underwater airplane is attacked by foes, who take not so much the quantity, but the strength of the armor, accuracy and accuracy of fire. In addition, they are able to hide in inaccessible areas for us at the top and bottom of the screen, as well as treacherously attack from the back. You can fight them with the help of a standard nose cannon, which is modified with time by means of selected bonuses (they will also help restore the strip of lives), as well as a powerful impulse that damages all visible targets: there is some time to not have to fire. The game looks non-uniform: the models of opponents are drawn well, but our ship and some elements of the background are significantly inferior to them in quality. Music and sounds are missing. As a result, we have a completely unknown and very complex shmup, worthy of attention of both the player and the collector.
Free Game 73kb (uploaded by

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