Kong! Martin Sherburn, Nicolas Beuserie 2008

Never steal the bananas from the monkeys, especially if these are armed to the teeth. This is a completely three-dimensional shooter. A video game created for multiplayer but very funny even in single. All you have to do is load one of the countless maps present, add any number of opponents controlled by the CPU (bot) and start a furious guerrilla war with no holds barred. If you then want to challenge your friends, just start your own server (through the web or on the local network) and take out the beast that is in you. Technically it is something exceptional. Colorful and very defined graphics with a splendid view from above. The game modes are Deathmach, Team mode or Capture the flag. The maps are full of interactive objects: You will find portals for teleportation, platforms to stand out huge leaps and devastating weapons to collect to inflict the maximum possible damage to the unfortunates that will happen to you. You can equip your Kong with helmets and armor to increase its resistance to enemy fire. There will also be medikit and packages to repair your armor. The objects in the maps can be exploited in your favor, by firing rockets inside the teleports you can hit the enemies that are wandering beyond the other side of the map! The graphical engine from Kong can also be executed in very high resolution and supports many latest generation graphics effects.
Free Game v1.1.0 23MB (uploaded by Caiman)

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