Sierra Madre: The Wild West Broken Dream Studio 2018

Early Access Release Take the role of a U.S. Marshall hunting outlaws across vast landscapes in the Wild West. Fight off outlaws while trying to survive. Save locals, deputize them and save the day. Explore and survive on a 25 square kilometer map (additional maps coming in future updates). Fight with authentic weapons. Fight off animals and outlaws using authentic Old West weapons. Get into gun fights, or charge your enemy on horse back. Explore the land on Horseback. Use your horse to traverse the world. In the event that your horse dies you can buy another. Hunting Use weapons at your disposal to track and hunt a diverse array of prey. Hunt anything from Deer to Wolves across the Wild West. Random Loot Enemies will drop random loot. This loot can be anything from ammo for your weapons to water or whiskey and everything in between. Detailed Survival Elements Collect water, hunt food, and set up camp to survive. Limitations brought on by thirst and hunger requires careful planning to cross barren areas on the map. Sterilize water and cook food by using a camp fire and setup your camp in order to save your progress. Missions Earn money by playing three distinct mission types: Town Liberator, Delivery, and Outlaw Hunter. Missions are available in each town in the game. Road Map: The full version is planned to include more, higher quality content and changes based off of user feedback. More missions, more maps, more enemies, smarter enemies, and an all around more polished experience are planned for the full release. Third Person Mode We are currently working on developing a third person view. Injury and Affliction based limitations Currently animals are limited by wounds that they have received during combat. The player also experiences this in that as their health decreases it becomes harder to see. We would like to extend this to include limitations based on injuries to certain body parts. Saddle Bags, Stashes We are planning to add features such as saddle bags, saddle holsters, and loot stashes where gear can be stored. More, better sound effects We are planning on improving our sound effects and adding more sound effects. Native Americans We are planning on adding Native Americans to the game in a future update. We would like to have full Mac, Linux, and Windows 10 cross-platform support. The first early access release will only support Windows 10. Note: we only intend on supporting x64 versions of these operating systems. Being Early Access there will be bugs... That being said our team works hard to ensure that there are as few bugs as possible and is always trying to remove bugs. Our team is committed to putting performance first because we believe a good gaming experience is rooted in a smooth frame rate. As new technologies and engine APIs come available, we will utilize them to ensure that our game maximizes performance. Better Enemies and Faster Wildlife Faster are under development to ensure a more realistic experience. We are currently overhauling our weapons models to be more accurate and interesting. Eventually animals and other game assets will be overhauled to be more realistic. We want to make the in game user interface easier to use and less resource consumptive. We have a series of maps planned that are currently under development. We are working on adding more objective types, better quests, and more things for the player to do in game.
Download: None currently available

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