Screaming Skies Microforum International 1995

Take to the skies in screaming combat. Get ready for battle as this full-screen, full action game for Windows pits you against the galaxy's most ruthless band of space pirates. You'll need nerves of steel and all your piloting skills, as you face intelligent enemies from behind the controls of the most advanced star ships in the galaxy. Fly high above incredibly rendered 3D worlds, battling blood thirsty mercenaries who are bent on collecting the bounty that hangs ominously over your head. Release the fury of powerful star ships as amazing digitized speech and effects bring all of the heart stopping action to life. Be prepared to fight mercilessly, take no prisoners and settle the score - it's up to you to save the galaxy in the ultimate intergalactic war. Before starting the game, you must first buy a ship and this or that weapon and armor on it with the available small starting capital, then choose a mission (the choice here is very interesting - first you need to get to the city by taxi and only then proceed to choose the task). The essence of the tasks, as a rule, comes down to fights with pirates and other enemy elements. Most of the action will take place not in space, as in most similar games, but in the upper atmosphere. In case of successful completion of the mission we are paid money that can and should be spent on all sorts of improvements for our ship.
Full Demo + ISO Demo 22+201MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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