Take That S.Y. Games 2018

Early Access Release The inspiration for making this is derived from playing a lot of shooting games, people often must go through login, selection, matching and many other complicated processes. It took a long time to finally begin to experience the core content of the game. Why is it so troublesome!? Sometimes, like on a lunch break, you just want to play a quick game. So, it was decided to make a game without so much nonsense and can quickly start the game. It's a shooting game but like mobile games can be opened at any time to relax. Fast-paced shooting game, can quickly play the core content, this is the core feature of this game. For now, the quick mode would be the main mode. Features of quick mode: It can be started within seconds; Three difficulties for each map; Maximum 5 extra waves; Three enter-points can be chosen; Hire bounty hunters to help you.
Download: None currently available

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