Suffer Anarchy Softworks LLC 2018

Are you ready to suffer? This is a horror-punk shoot 'em up where you take on the corporate police state with nothing but your ninja sword and a hailstorm of bullets. Fast paced FPS action, wicked parkour platforming, and vicious demonic foes await you in this dystopian nightmare. This game is for those in need of a challenging first person experience, reminiscent of the tough-as-nails PC shooters of yesteryear. Features: Intense Single Player Campaign; 75 Handcrafted Levels - Abstract Design Anarchy; Brutal Difficulty For Hardcore Gamers; Colorful Sprite Graphics Inspired By 90's Pixelated Glory; Original Punk/Metal Soundtrack. Are you badass enough to overcome the demons, or will you succumb to the suffering?
Download: None currently available

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