Vixens From Outer Space Domus ludus 2019

Early Access Release A Single Player First Person Shooter History - Space Amazons, Cosmic Horror, Action, And dangerous curves. In a campaign for 1 player, you have been kidnapped by a group of beautiful, armed women; they sedated you and took you up... to their flying saucer. Experience incredible adventures in a distant dieselpunk galaxy... Where exuberant space amazons want you. But don't let these majestic and impressive girls fool you: they're strong and they hit hard. This porn movie script quickly transforms into a nightmare when the cosmic horrors show up. Game Modes: Story - 90% First-person shooter, 5% Dialogue, 5% Light puzzles, Current early access duration - 15 minutes, Difficulty - Medium; Horde - 100% First-person shooter, Duration - Unlimited, Difficulty - Hard.
Download: None currently available

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