Time Circle Soft-World International 1995

This behind-view shooter is in the style of the classic arcade game Cabal. The game offers you a choice of two modes of passage: story (劇情 模式) and space-time locations to choose from (單一 關 模式). There are five main locations in the game: 1896 — China, 1966 — Air Force base, 2006 — London streets, 2106 — cyborg hangar, and 2207 — some kind of drinking establishment inhabited by spiders, bats, and so forth. The storyline begins with a location in 2006. The tasks are very simple - you need to dodge the shots and grenades of the enemy, earning points by shooting at the enemy (as in a dash) in a limited game location. You can only move left or right. You yourself must actively work with dense fire on the enemy with pistols, machine guns, machine guns and other means of destruction. Be sure to pick up bonuses plentifully pouring from enemies. There are four heroes in the game to choose from: two men and two women. Two sexes (Jackson and Emmy) of them are recognizable and have already been described in the plot. The game can also be played together with a partner. The graphics are bright and colorful. It becomes especially colorful when you occasionally use a powerful grenade sweep of the battlefield. In addition to the grenade launcher, there are still picked up bonus super-features: an areal freezer and a time beam. Management can be chosen for the keyboard or mouse in the menu. Although the game is positioned in traditional Chinese, there are hieroglyphs there only in the plot part. Otherwise, everything is clear without superfluous inscriptions. The game is fascinating instantly, because the action here is very groovy - the developers are really great. For example, Taiwanese game makers have already taken the ancient game with b / w graphics - Battle City - as a basis , and at the output they got an excellent tank arcade - Battle of Europe . So this time, the four-color game Cabal gained its second extremely bright birth in 1995. Therefore, all the fans of Cabal and of other game antiquities, this is recommended.
Full Demo 8MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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