Duo Binary Zoo 2004

This game comes from the same developer that later brought us "Echoes". It is a 2D shooter where you have to take out all the balls that are homing in on you. The balls separate into minor balls once they get hit enough, and then into even smaller balls. Sometimes when you get rid of every single ball-piece then you get a power-up. This sounds like "Asteroids", "Mono" and so many other games, but it puts a twist on the original gameplay. You control TWO guns attached to each other. They are placed different places depending on the level, but mostly in the middle of the level fighting incoming balls from separate sides of a line. If this sounds easy to you, then please try and you'll find out you're wrong. The game is simply adrenaline pumping hardcore action waiting to tighten your heartbeat rate.
Free Game 4MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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