Warz: Horde Warz 2019

Experience the Ultimate Shooter Zombie VR game full of Action, Thrill, and Excitement. This offers realistic weapon handling, with realistic shooting and reloading. Choose from a variety of weapons, as you battle through waves of zombies and monsters in the ultimate defense of mankind. Build your defense as you please. Use turrets, magic attacks, guns, or call in Helpers to assist you in your journey. Three different freely movable, large maps with 3 different Horde modes give you hours of non-stop exciting game-play. No forced tutorial allows you to step right into the action and not waste any time on unnecessary training. Practice in the shooting range or start right away. Planned Updates (in the order listed): New Maps, defense systems, power weapons, etc coming soon; Co-op (online) Multiplayer coming soon; Campaign coming soon.
Download: None currently available

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