Under Siege: Under Ash 2 (Tatha al-Hisar) Afkar Media / Dar al Fikr 2006

The sequel to Under Ash puts you once again in the shoes of a young Palestinian rebel who joins the Intifada to oppose the Israeli invasion. Set during the early days of the second Intifada, the game includes two campaigns each with different outcomes. Gameplay is similar to the original, in which you control your character from a 3rd-person perspective while he uses small firearms and makeshift weapons, and later switches to a first-person perspective to handle specific weapons. As with the original, the game is based on real-life accounts of Palestinian refugees and recreates several battles and encounters with the Israeli army. The opening sequence deals with the murderous assault carried out by Baruch Goldstein, a Jewish doctor from New York. In 1994, the radical Jewish settler killed 27 Palestinians praying in the Hebron mosque and wounded over 100 others. The players of Under Siege are given the opportunity of preventing the attack. The aim is to shoot Baruch Goldstein as quickly and as accurately as possible. The story features young men who fight tanks with slingshots and hurl back tear gas bombs, as well as experienced fighters with machine guns in hand, battling against the Israeli military. Developed by Syrian studio Afkar Media, a specialist in political games, this is a vital cultural, political and military counterbalance to the likes of America's Army, Full Spectrum Warrior, et al. It seems there were 2 parts to the game: Path To Freedom released in 2005 and Remant Of Human released in 2006. A Golden Edition combining both also came out later in 2006. In 2013, the game was released as freeware.
Free Version 564MB (uploaded by Official Site)
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Level Demo v1.55 23MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Version (mirror) 564MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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