03.04 Jpeg Of Pain Games 2019

The game offers you to go through the path to redemption, to get to the best place, getting rid of dissonance in your soul. After a loud explosion, the main character wakes up in an unfamiliar place without a hint of the presence of people in the vicinity. The player has a phone that receives a message from an unknown subscriber. You have no choice but to follow the instructions sent from the "interlocutor" on your smartphone: find a way out of purgatory and atone for your sins during your lifetime to go to heaven. Features: Story mode - atone for your sins to get out of purgatory to a better place; "Hardcore" game mode - end the game without any firearms and without saving, show what you can do; 6 completely different locations that characterize the soul of the protagonist; 2 types of firearms with excellent shooting physics and melee weapons in story mode; Several styles of passing the game; An oppressive atmosphere that cannot be conveyed in simple words; Frightening their bloodthirsty enemies.
Download: None currently available

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