Combat Core MABManZ 2019

This is a 3D arena fighting game sporting a colorful mix of modern aesthetics and futuristic cyberpunk. Fighters from across the galaxy have gathered to compete in the Combat Core League. The fighting mechanics focus on fast-paced combat, strategic use of your environment, and weapons in the arena. Fight against challenging AI or your friends, online or offline. Features: High-Powered Combat from 1v1 to 4 player battle royale or team modes; Physics-based environment destruction and interactive ragdolls; Original Characters with fun, unique movesets and strengths; Combat Cores can boost fighter stats and grant special attacks to fit your play style; Local Multiplayer + Online Multiplayer using Exit Game's Photon Networking Framework; Interactive Arenas with a variety of mechanics and hazards; Weapon Pickups ranging from lazer swords to energy grenade launchers, with multiple attacks and uses; Full Character Editor to create custom fighters with different gear, stats, and skills; Oculus Rift/OpenVR Support - The first fighting game with native VR support.
Download: None currently available

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