Cuboid Keeper Ottropi Games 2019

This is a 2D twin stick shooter with ship building elements and with an unique story. The game consists of about 40 levels. Each level takes place in an enclosed play zone where the player must fire on the enemies that successively spawn, while evading their attacks by transforming into a Spark. Between each level, the main character can be upgraded with modules. Each module enables a skill that complements the others and requires adapting the play style to fully master. Modules can be equipped many times to increase their effect. In the middle of the galaxy, floating in space, a colossal cubic construction can be found. The legend says that this "Cube" holds a secret so enlightening, that it can make anyone the ruler of the universe. However, to be rewarded with the secret, one must first defeat a powerful being known as the Guardian of the Cube. You are the Guardian. The secret of the Cube is under your protection. Face more than 40 different types of enemies (including 8 bosses) from 4 distinct factions, each with their own graphic style and skill set. Transform into energy with the Spark Mode to evade enemy attacks and collect power fragments. Build your Guardian by assembling offensive, defensive and special attack modules, to fit your play style. Protect the forbidden secret. For millions of years, it has remained hidden. Not even you, the Guardian, can be revealed its contents. Unless...
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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