All Of Zhem Koex Studio 2019

There's So Many of ZHEM. Take on the role of a agent to pit against hundreds of zombies on a train, in a building & under the sewers. A 3rd person perspective with a first person shooter view. All of ZHEM emphasize on shooting your way and using various tactics such as the hook mechanism to escape or timed your attack on explosive barrels. You can pick 2 different characters, Cloten Rogers and Ailsa, the best special agents in the world. Players are equipped with a primary and a secondary weapon. One of the maps include a moving train that is inspired by a popular movie 'Train to Busan'. Gameplay will not be a linear one which you eliminated waves of zombies but they will come in different ways and entrances that players need to adapt to. Zombies are extremely fast in their speed and attack, even if you reached high locations, they can climb their way up towards you. Features: 3 unique maps locations and 2 playable characters with different primary weapons; Hordes of zombies army that can run, jump and climb fast; Slow-mo cinematic gun play actions; Hooking mechanics to plunge into the air; Difficulty settings can be adjusted for casual/ hardcore players.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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