Ma La Shao Mo Nu [Tw] Kiwi Studio 2002

The story took place a long time ago, when there was no barrier between the human world and the witch world. One day, the Queen of the Witch World came down to the human world and fell in love with a human pastry chef. The pastry chef, in the name of the Queen of the Witch: the witch to Rubin, made a spiral thin roll cake. After the witch promised the pastry chef's proposal, the two lived a happy life, but even if they gave up the queen's position, the witch still has magic, and life is much longer than humans. .. So, the pastry chef and the children of the two died of the accident and the baptism of the years. ...the grandchildren are also scattered. Lonely and sadly, Rubin has closed the road between the human world and the witch world, and has a curse. The witch who has been seen by human beings will become a "witch frog." Super cute, beautiful girl, waiting for you to take home, the most popular shooting game in history is now open. Enjoy this Japanese-style shooting game. Not only do you have to shoot the enemy, but you also have to break the clothes on the background girl. The looming underwear and pants will definitely make your heart beat faster. A good-skilled player can also feast on the full-length sexy lingerie photo. Avoid the magical body and retreat, grab the gold coins and return home. Wonderful magic fight, cute goblin servant, changeable shooting pleasure, will make you not want to stop. As a spicy little witch you must brave eight levels, defeat the Shouguan Big Devil. The background of the game is a cute girl who consists of twenty consecutive frames, giving you a new visual enjoyment. As in RPG games, after collecting the gold coins that have fallen from the enemy, you can go to the store to buy a variety of magic and mercenary elves to enhance your ability to fight against stronger enemies. Supporting two players, it’s no problem to have fun with friends and family. With a high degree of freedom in the selection mode, players can choose the most appropriate type and professional attributes. The shy girlfriend on the tatami, the sailor on the beach, the sister in the garden, the beautiful girl in the garden, the lively and charming housekeeper, the mature and charming restaurant manager, the gentle and pleasant little nurse, all look cute. Different from the traditional one-way shooting, the player can arbitrarily break the clothes in the place where the beautiful girl appears in the shooting frame. As long as you have enough flexibility, you can also see the full-screen beauty girl underwear show, but players should be careful, the higher the choice of hotness, the higher the difficulty of breaking the barrier. The enemy's attack methods are varied and the players have to practice the dodge. The pumpkin heads that you see on Halloween go out in advance, and they will push you into desperate situations in groups. The rock giants have the highest durability and will smash the stones toward the players; the little mermaid likes to use the most beautiful songs to let the deadly notes lure you; strange black bats fly over, there will be no public morals. The level of the monster is different, and the value of the money is also different. Players can kill the enemy while earning pocket money and picking the most matching gear in the item line. The short and fine mercenary elves will make different attack methods to disturb the enemy, which is a good helper for players. Like a frozen bomb from a frozen goblin, it will make the enemy the fastest freezing; the elastic rose leprechaun, the launched elastic rose, will automatically bounce off the enemy; the magic trick of the magical fairy is to launch a tracking bomb, desperately tracking the enemy act. Smart players can make good use of the characteristics of the mercenary elves, greatly reducing the enemy's attack power.
Chinese ISO Demo 145MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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