Melee MiaoXi Beijing Technology 2019

Early Access Release A tactical competitive shooting game devoloped with a self developed engine, melee is a game where you can feel its difference, and if you want to feel disaster and escape in flight, it's a thrilling adventure. In the future, artificial intelligence technology can separate people’s souls from their bodies.Self-awareness information can be digitized and uploaded to the network system as permanent storage. Since then, people have completely got away from spacial and fatal control and gained eternity and freedom in the network. People call this powerful network system the "Horizon". Seventy percent of the world’s people have accepted this awareness upload. It is the most special migration from real world to virtual world in human history. People's consciousness are connected to their bodies through unceasing data. They are powerful just like the god. Even if they died hundred times, their consciousness could be reborn in biochemical prosthetics. The separation of soul and body allows humans to complete the ultimate evolution. The boundaries between human-being and machine have become increasingly blurred. They call themselves the Sons of the Horizon. Features: clean accurate weapons; unique flight system; explosive force weapon; Battle aboard aircraft; power core augmentation system; holographic sci-fi armor; compete with players all over the world; Excellent game optimization, high quality, high frame rate.
Steam Level Demo (will be converted to Free to Play in coming week) (uploaded by Steam)

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