Night of the Blood Moon Tyler McDermott 2019

For too long Skeletons have been on the blunt force receiving end. Give them a break and time to recover by embracing the power of the darkness. This is a difficult Rogue-lite with unique weapons, and charming manifestations. Become the Nightmare and grow your power, by conquering many imaginative lands, and defeat bosses who will challenge your strategy along side your skill. The eclipse is coming, and the blood moon is upon us. It is time for the Three Eyed Raven to rise. From Bedrooms to Castles in the Sky you will control a nightmare and it's arsenal of pets, weapons, and skills. In the land of dreams creatures take on many forms such as; of instruments, wizards, ninjas, and sea monsters, and more. It's weapons are more than guns with different attributes. They will completely change the way you play the game, by how you position yourself, and which enemies pose the most threat. Hookshots, Boomerangs, and Spellbooks are the beginning of a growing inventory. Learn to utilize each weapon to reach the true-end. Enemies work on an orthogonal structure. They vary with speed and range on a full spectrum. Each level in the game has unique creatures which test you in their own ways. Things aren't always as they seem in our dreams, especially these critters. Bosses are more than just bullet sponges; Each boss has mechanics which can be overcome through trial & error, and understanding. You'll come across assistance in your escapades. These pets will give you increased attributes as well as passive support. Pets are dreams consumed by the darkness including bats, dogs, nests, and more. At least one new pet will be added each month of 2019. Eclipse Mode lets you start with nothing, and get stronger until the engine can't keep up. There are currently no limitations. Buy health, ammo, and unleash a flurry of weapons. It's a way of letting you destroy the game the dev worked so hard to build whilst having absolute fun.
Download: None currently available

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