Freefall 3050AD Total ArKade Software / TAKS 2019

It is the year 3050AD and man has moved to cities high above the Earth. The player controls Commander Alexander Menon, a Drop Cop in the year 3050. This is a shooter played in first or third person while falling through gang infested cities and locations high above the Earth. You can move, spin, shoot and use your air-brakes as you fall through increasingly tougher neighbourhoods. There isn't anything else out there quite like it. Gameplay offers both mission based levels as well as dedicated shooter stages. The game features 15 levels, and 4 training levels and 2 levels of difficulty. Each mission starts with the main character launching into a freefall to pursue and shoot down criminals. The player has laser guns, homing missiles and grenades, as well as specialized tools like air-brakes to slow their descent. The player must also manage an oxygen supply, as well as their health, which can be topped up by collecting pick-ups in levels.
Download: None currently available

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