Diesel Express VR Lazylab Games 2019

"Apocalypse brought us freedom" said a stranger man named Marius. Nobody knew him before, but he showed another path beside the one which is going behind the walls that built by who is responsible of this breakdown. In a few months he was controlling thousands of men. Then he has ordered men to fill the diesel to the engines. The great war ended by a ceasefire after desolation of the earth. Only a very small population of people were living safely behind the walls of self governed cities which appeared after the breakdown of the countries. While cities were guarded by the walls, outlands were under control of a doomsday cult which was led by a stranger man named Marius. As an individualist, Marius convinced groups to act against the cities. His idea spread quickly due to the post war conjunctures. The only transportation way is being used between the cities was railroad. All the resource trade is made with highly armored diesel trains called "The Dreadnoughts". Our character takes his place in a dreadnought by joining the "regiment". Features: Virtual Reality Game; First Person Shooter; Realistic shooting experience; Realistic Pistol Aiming/Firing; Pure Action; Realistic enemy death; Innovative User Experience; Survival; Hide&Shoot; 50 squats per game. The main theme of the game is to protect the train from the enemy bandits. The player is located in a train car. The enemies follow the train and try to shoot the player. Player should use obstacles to hide from enemy fire while trying to kill the enemies in the cars. In the city pub, player chooses missions. The player gets prepared for the mission in the pub. The guns are selected here. In the shooting range, the player can try different guns. Watch out for the enemy rifle in the range. Different missions take place in different maps. In early access there will be 6 missions in 3 different maps. The enemy bandits drive diesel cars. Both the enemy shooter and driver can be shot. The player has access to different weapons which can be chosen in the pub. Currently, there are 4 different guns.
Download: None currently available

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