Arkane Rush: Multiverse Mayhem Mafu Games 2019

This is the second volume of the Arkane Rush series. The Multiverse Mayhem is a survival hardcore game in which the player will have many frenetic battles that will happen in three main scenarios: The Middle Garden; The Mistland; The Realm of Fire. By defeating the horde of enemies and surviving for more time, the player will be able to reach the top of the global leaderboards and get known as the most powerful mage. Every scenario will have its own leaderboard. The tools that will aim the player on this battle will be the Elemental Staffs and the Runes, which will grant some passive abilities to the mage. Complete missions to earn money and unlock new Elemental Staffs, Runes and scenarios. Get ready for the multiverse mayhem.
Download: None currently available

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