Papilio Cool Old Guy Games 2014

Early Access Release This is a classic arcade style 2D shoot 'em up that takes you into a magical world being threatened by a mysterious entity with godlike powers. Take to the skies as a Naajira, a mystic warden with the power of magic-augmented flight and impressively devastating spells at your disposal, and engage in combat with fearsome creatures and mighty bosses as you pursue an opponent who seeks to unearth long-forgotten ancient magics and weapons for her own dark purposes. After pursuing the mysterious relic thief through a stormy canyon and braving a monster-filled forest, you are led to an underground crystal mine filled with untold riches and immense danger. Why would the thief take the sacred relic to such a foreboding place? What dark secrets lie within the bowels of the mines, waiting to be unearthed...? Experience new ways to enjoy the game with three new modes: Rank Off Mode, which disables the dynamic difficulty and lets you play at a more relaxed pace; Training Mode which allows you to practice individual levels, hone your skills and uncover secrets; and finally Asuratva Mode, which jacks up the dynamic difficulty to the ceiling from start to finish and pits you against the toughest challenges. Improved screen resolution - the playing field has been substantially enlarged, allowing you a better view of the action. Gamepad and joystick support for fans of classic arcade and console games. Simply plug one in, run the game and begin the mayhem. Single player and 2 player coop modes. Fly the unfriendly skies alone, or bring a friend with you to help do battle against the forces of chaos. Choose your arsenal from three different weapon satellites, each with its own set of unique magical attacks and powerful screen clearing bombs, and find out for yourself which combination fits your playstyle. Fly through vibrant levels filled with dangerous enemies, and challenge powerful and crafty bosses as you uncover a dark plot to unleash forbidden ancient weapons against your land. Multiple game modes: Hone your skills in Survival Mode and see how long you can last against endless hordes of increasingly tougher enemies, turn off the dynamic difficulty and enjoy a more relaxed game with Rank Off Mode, practice individual stages and sharpen your techniques in Training Mode, or take the game to the extreme and challenge yourself with the relentlessness of Asuratva Mode...the choice is yours. Hidden bonuses are scattered about the levels. Try and discover them for massive rewards - if you dare. Because you might end up taking on a bigger challenge that you ever dreamed of.
Level Demo v0.3.7 26MB (uploaded by

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