Rogue Stache WubsGames / Black Shell Media, WubsGames 2019

"This game is literally my life on a day to day basis" - Every guy with a mustache ever. When humanity loses the last good thing it's got—the manliness of mustaches - one man steps in to save the day. Play as the mustachiest of mustachios in this roguelike action platformer filled with flying eyeballs, huge guns, guts spilling out on the floor and mustaches. Lots of mustaches. Features: Kick ass for hours and hours on end with randomly generated stages; Leap over your enemies with dynamic action platforming; Demolish the bad guys with unlockable guns almost as big as your enormous mustache; Collect power-ups and upgrade your character (mostly his mustache) as you progress; Take down bosses hell-bent on shaving off every last hair on your face.
Download: None currently available

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