Metal Slug Rampage! 1-4 The Emeciton Flash Dimension 2003

Metal Slug Rampage! is an unlicensed flash-based version of SNK's franchise. This time around, the player takes control of Marco who has become bored with saving lives and instead decides to go on a rampage and attack enemy soldiers, crush cars with the Metal Slug and attack innocent civilians such as construction workers. Along the way, Marco (the player) squares off against fellow Metal Slug members who are attempting to stop his rampage. Gameplay consists of using the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move the Metal Slug with the "Ctrl" key for firing the cannons and the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys to move the cannons into their desired direction. The "Shift" key is used for jumping and the "Space" button used for firing the cannon. The goal of the game is to reach the end of the level, destroying enemies and facing off against level bosses in order to advance to the next level. Metal Slug Rampage! 2 This sequel takes place after Marco's rampage and attack on his fellow Metal Slug members. This time around Marco is tracked down by the U.N. and given an ultimatum to stop is rampage. After refusing, Marco is transported to Iraq and resumes his rampage, unknown to him of an ulterior motive by the U.N. The gameplay is the same with a tweak to the control scheme. The player travels through the level, attacking enemies and picking up gas cans to restore their health. The player moves by using the "Left" and "Right" arrow keys to move and the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys to move the cannon. Using the "A" key will fire their cannons while the "D" key while fire the Metal Slug's cannon with the "S" key used for jumping. Metal Slug Rampage! 3 (2005) Drive around in your tank, shoot bullets at soldiers and blow away tanks with your cannon. at : Use left and right arrows to walk and move. Up and down arrow to aim higher or lower,'S' key to jump. 'A' key to fire weapon and 'D' to fire grenade. Metal Slug Rampage! 4 (2006) infiltrate into the enemy territory and shoot down all the hostile guards that come along your way. Destroy the enemy tanks and choppers without getting killed. Rescue the prisoners along the way, they'll give you new weapon upgrades, health packs or points. You've got limited ammo, so don't let it waste away. If you get killed you'll be able to continue the game with a new life, but if you lose all your lives then sadly, it'll be game over.
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Browser-Playable Free Games 1-4 (uploaded by Y8)
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