Possible Worlds Gerwin Sturm & Eike Umlauf 2001

This is a rather impressive Subwar / Wing Commander - style openGL accelerated 3D game with challenging missions created in the course of a Computer Graphics lab exercise at the Technical University of Vienna. It won the competition for the best game hands down and it was originally intended to develop it even further with a network-multiplayer mode, more visual FX, etc. but it never was. Instead, it was open-sourced. Features: Full 3D Environment; 360° 3-Axis full movement; Physically accurate lighting model; Spectacular explosion / dust FX; more than 30 3D objects; 25 digital Sound FX; mp3 and mod.module soundtrack; intelligent enemy AI; 4 challenging missions with continuous storyline; 7 different Camera perspectives; 4 weapon systems; feature-packed Cockpit; Headlight beams and Halo / Lens Flare FX; Mission Briefings; Intro, Outro and Credits Sequences; Load / Save your progress in 5 save slots; Design your own missions (documentation to be released on this website); Even runs on older hardware (Voodoo2); screensize and resolution configurable; more or less hidden eastereggs ;)
Free Game 14MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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