Nona Magic rakusomoku 2015

This is a high difficulty vertical STG with elements of fantasy RPG. We select the flag on the field, and progress the story by clearing each stage and the event. A red flag is where shooting stage occurs. By clearing, the next flag will appear, you can advance the story. As the number of mistakes is proportional and the number of life increases, even those who are not good at shooting can clear. Yellow flag is the point where an event occurs. It consists only of conversation, and after reading, the next flag will appear and you can advance the story. Each character has shot and bomb characteristics. You should use them according to the scene. When using Bomb the screen temporarily stops and two meters will appear. Since each meter represents power, invincible time, let's push the button aiming at the full of meters as much as possible. GRAZE = Blurred. As enemy bullets on your aircraft, effects will appear around yourself, you can increase the power of the shot for a few seconds. The depth of the scratch has three levels, the deeper it is, the greater its effect. Also, if you defeat an enemy with a shot that increased power by scraping, the scores will be multiplied. It is a point to high scores to always defeat the enemy by maintaining the state of the scratch. Selecting a specific red flag will cause a boss game, or a middle boss match at the end of the stage. Continue hitting the shot, reducing the physical strength of the boss, the attack pattern will change one after another. Continue to avoid powerful attacks, let's defeat the boss. In case of boss battle, time limit will occur. Please be aware that the game will be over if you do not defeat it within the time limit. Also, the more time you leave the more you score, the higher the score will be. Keep it in a state of light, increase the power of the shot, leave a lot of time.
Free Game 321MB (uploaded by Vector)

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