Uprising: Join or Die! Cyclone Studios / 3DO / UbiSoft 1997

It's war strategy from an entirely NEW perspective. Uprising delivers FUTURE WAR IMMERSION, with an incredibly intense blend of heart-pounding action and real-time strategy never before seen in a FULL BLOWN, FIRST-PERSON 3D WORLD! Command an entire army of sci-fi troops, tanks, gunships and bombers while fighting right along side them on the battlefield of the future. Uprising's TerraTech engine powers more then 30 amazing missions and pumps out groundbreaking levels of speed, 3-D graphic realistic, and strategic depth. Are you ready for Future War Immersion?? Get ready to Join or Die.
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Updated Demo ~21MB (uploaded by Download.com)
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Full Demo ~21MB ( @ Old-Games.RU)
ISO Demo 461MB (upped by Egon68)

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