Tokyo Warfare Turbo Pablo Vidaurre Sanz 2019

Early Access Release This was initially going to be a remaster of Tokyo Warfare but there have been added so many fixes tweaks and so much more stuff to come, that it will essentially be a new iteration in the series. It has been updated to a state of the art version of the game engine, along with the upgraded code, resulting in a remarkable performance and graphics boost. For reference, in a modern pc you can handle 27 AI on the harbour map at 70+FPS or achieve ultra high frame rates with more modest AI counts. Unlike in TW this release will be more focused on Tokyo themed maps featuring: Tokyo Bay Area, Akihabara (WIP), Shinjuku (WIP). Yet a separate package with nature and non jp maps will be available. In regards to tanks, the ones from TW, plus the new ones that will be regularly added to the library. The gameplay is completely arcade and you can play against CPU in Team deathmatch and in free4all mode. There are two graphic modes: HD and Anime. Each triggers different visual and fx moods.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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