Survival Method AjiGohanGames 2019

Early Access Release A zombie outbreak occurs in a city in Japan. A resident of that town, Nao Fumizuki, finds herself in the middle of this outbreak. Hordes of zombies, lunatic townspeople, a lack of resources, and the collapse of society. How will Nao survive in this zombie-infested nightmare? Features: Survival in a post-zombie apocalyptic world; Survive by crafting traps and shelter from materials to withstand zombie assaults; Survive by growing and finding food to keep your hunger and thirst from stealing your health; Fight raiders and looters for resources; Crafting system including bases, traps, weapons, and armor; Wild animal hunting; Farming; Zombie rushes; Secure drinking water; Overarching Story. Genre: Open World, Survival, Action.
Download: None currently available

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