ZAMB! Endless Extermination Nano Games 2019

Do you like action twin-stick shooter games? We mixed this genre with tower defence elements. You have a chance to enter a world full of mutants. Evil Dr. Hundertwasser change small animals to massive monsters. They want to destroy our reactors. You can be one of two cosmic-agents who will exterminate evil with his own weapon, power of ZAMB. Endless and Story Mode: Hack and defend the reactors in 15 action-packed story levels and survive in 9 extremely skillful endless stages. BeCoop: Choose between Local and Online Mode in Single or Coop. 420 Upgrades: Increase range, power up your damage, or upgrade defence system to your turrets and gain more XP for extermination enemy waves. 17 Unique Enemies: Fight against mutant Wasps, Scorpions with blasters, exploding Ticks or the titanic Crusher Bugs. 3 Challenging Bosses: Face off against the most destructive scientific experiments created by the mad scientist Dr Hundertwasser. Replayability: Face neverending hordes of mutants in new Endless mode and unlock Steam achievements and star related challenges through every level, thus proving that you are the best. Choose beetwen Cye - The amazing brawler, he is trained in melee combat and uses powerful gadgets of mass destruction; or Chrome - the master tactician, an agent of ranged warfare weapon and turret defence systems operator.
Download: None currently available

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