Space Mayhem Chronic Vagrant 2019

This is designed to be a simple but addicting game which offers hours of replayability. The goal of the game is to try to beat the top scores while earning money, collecting powerups, and unlocking new ships. Inspired by classic and modern arcade games, it's easy to pick up and play but will also reward you if you put in the time. It features numerous powerups to use, enemies to blow up, and ships to fly. Global leaderboards to beat your friends on - Increase your score and your score multiplier by defeating enemies. Keep your score multiplier by avoiding all damage. Keep that up and you'll be able to impress your friends and colleges with your massive high score on the global Steam leaderboards. Battle against an ever increasing horde of enemies from small ships who just want to drill into you, to battleships who will send 'miners' to blow you up. Watch out for the asteroids too. Use powerups such as shotguns, shields, the roundhouse, the firehose and many more in order to survive a bit longer. Be careful, however, ammo is limited for powerups and your main weapon runs the chance of overheating. When you blow up an enemy, they might drop money for you to collect. Use it to buy yourself a new ship. Each one has different stats which will require different play styles. They all have unique leaderboards for you to show off your skills on too.
Download: None currently available

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