Epoch Star Battleline Games LLC 2006

Enter a universe of epic adventure. Master combat with hundreds of ships and thousands of weapons. You will clash with dark and mysterious enemy races. Engage in missions to help a crumbling republic, and restore peace to the Galaxy. Play this epic space RPG adventure game. With one hundred solar systems to explore and conquer, it has an extensive variety of planets, stars, asteroids, wormholes and much more. Complete hundreds of quests and voyage through the unknown to increase your vessel's power, and learn the dark secrets of the galaxy's rich, ancient history. Build Your Own Custom Warship. Choose from hundreds of designs, and personalize your vessel with an arsenal of devastating weapons and devices. From cloaking devices to explosive mines, lasers, burnout engines, guided missiles and siege cannons, the possibilities are endless. Real Time Space Battles - Engage in action-packed, real time dog fights. Develop strategy and analyze your opponent's weaknesses. Blast apart enemy spaceships and gain experience for your crew to improve your own vessel's speed, defense and destructive capabilities. Throughout your adventures, you will contact a dozen exotic alien species, each with its own unique history and storyline. Unravel the detailed mysterious of the universe through witty conversation. But beware the wrath of those deadly races who don't take kindly to outsiders. Only an alpha was completed before development stopped.
Alpha Level Demo v0.91.08 45MB (uploaded by FreewareShareware.net)

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