Gungrave VR GGYMOB Co. Ltd / XSEED Games, Marvelous USA Inc. 2019

The acclaimed GUNGRAVE series, first on PS2 in 2002, is reborn in VR in this title that was on PS4 in 2018. Many years have passed since the war against the nefarious drug, SEED. Mika Asagi lived a quiet life watching over the undead soldier Beyond the Grave (Grave, for short), who returned to his slumber. Those halcyon days ended suddenly, as South City turned into a war zone torn apart by Orgmen, humans infected with SEED. Faced with the threat to the city, its people, and her own peaceful existence, Mika makes her decision. "...Please lend me your strength once again, Beyond the Grave." To restore hope to South City, Mika and Grave throw themselves into battle. Featuring third-person and first-person perspectives for an intense take on VR action gameplay, experience combat as if you are really there. Strategically use new skills such as the slow-motion "Reaper Time" to turn the tide of battle against hordes of enemies. Multiple Perspectives to Master - Fight through intense levels, with some taking place in free-moving third person and some in first person (both stationary and mobile). Each perspective offers new challenges for action gamers. A Legendary Pedigree - This showcases the return of character designer Yasuhiro Nightow (Trigun) and the original GUNGRAVE designers at RED Entertainment as advisers. Grave and Mika’s designs have been upgraded after 14 long years. Play how you want with three difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, and Kick-Ass. Are you hardcore enough to take down the Orgmen in Kick-Ass mode?
Download: None currently available

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