Quake 4: Chronicles of the Infantryman [Ru] Studio 8 Bit / Neo Game 2007

Two days ago, the research center "Teriba" did not get in touch. They should have reported on the results of the research. For the command, it's very important these results. Unfortunately, we cannot send more people now because of the conflict on the border of our territories. Your task, fighters - to find out what happened in this research center and collect as much data as possible. Leading an elite squad of paratroopers using the most modern combat equipment, you are going to the home planet of the Stroggs. You are the only hope of earthlings for victory in this protracted battle. The bloody battle of humanity with the alien race of Strogg continues. Earthlings desperately resist the onslaught of ruthless aliens, but only by becoming one of them, can you win. This has eleven original levels, a huge selection of weapons, animated videos that create the effect of plot cinema, as well as a large variety of monsters are waiting for the player. Install with script in the install directory. When you first start, the key to the game will also be installed. Additionally, for those who have not previously installed a pirated Quake IV, you will need to register the address q4master.idsoftware.com on a local host.
Russian Full Demo (provided by Delacroix & upped by Scaryfun) 1.40GB

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