Pulsarius Psycho Craft Studio / Alawar Entertainment Inc. 2004

The Pulsarius planet system has been attacked by alien forces, and you know what, you've been asked to protect the colony and defeat these aggressive aliens. This is yet another vertical space shooter, arcade-oriented, scrolling-down, with all the classic situations (alien bases, asteroid belts), weapons and power-ups that belong to the genre. As it is distributed electronically, the full version has twelve levels with three super-bosses. For each level, we are allocated three lives, and on the way there will be bonus ones, but it is not allowed to have more than three. At the bottom right of the screen is the scale of the shield, consisting of five divisions - with each hit in our ship it decreases by one division, but if you bump into an asteroid or some other obstacle, you will immediately lose your life. However, the shield can also be restored by selecting the appropriate bonuses. In addition to flying and shooting enemies, stationary turrets are also present. What can oppose this armada of our fighter? At the beginning, we have only standard weapons firing titanium shells. But on the way you can change it to a plasma or multiplasma (projectiles fly in three directions). There are three types of main armament, of course, not enough, but each of them can be improved as much as five times by collecting the corresponding bonuses. The number of times the upgrade has been done will be shown in the bottom left of the screen. In no case should you pick up another weapon, since all the improvements will disappear and you will have to upgrade the shooting with a new one. There are also several types of missiles, of which it is worth to identify self-guided. What a shame, each next stage we will start with a basic weapon from scratch. The game also has bosses at the end of every fourth level,
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Russian ISO Demo 78MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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