Vigilance Postlinear Entertainment / SegaSoft 1998

In the all too near future, acts of terrorism plague the world more and more frequently. Only one strike force can defend humanity from the rising tide of violence: the Special Intelligence Operations Network (SION). Despite this tremendous team, terrorism continues to mushroom. And some are beginning to suspect that these seemingly random acts of violence might be part of a larger conspiracy. As a SION recruit, you are among the best operatives from the world's most elite intelligence agencies. You can choose between 8 different SION operatives to play. Each operative is an expert in their field. Where one is a computer genius, another is an expert in biomechanical engineering. And demolition specialists join forces with masters of reconnaissance. The storyline is engaging and realistic. The characters have cool backgrounds, which add to the story and even cooler voice-overs, which add to their individuality and help to flesh them out. But then you play the game, and it ends just being mediocre when you compare it to other games of the action shooter genre. A nice bonus is that there are three different perspective options to view you character and play in (3rd person, up close 3rd person and 1st person). Overall, though the graphics are good, the game play and character handling is a little choppy. You have access to an arsenal of over 40 deadly weapons and power-ups ranging from the Viper sub-machine gun and the Nitro 800 Ball Gun and more. Multiplayer mode over HEAT.NET was just average. What was nice was the fact that you had 8 different agents to choose from which made it easy to tell each other apart during team vs. team multiplay. The project took over 2 years and $2 million to create.
Level Demo v1.3 64MB (uploaded by Absolute Games)
Full Demo (upped by keropi)
ISO Demo ~465MB (upped by Egon68)

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