Deadly Burrito ESAT, Atomic PiƱata 2019

Early Access Release This is a frenetic shooter for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive settled into the mexican festivity of Dia de Muertos. Play as Esteban Juanito Armando Sabino de la Rosa Dominguez, a professional burrito eater that dies after eating the spiciest burrito in the world. As Juanito, You wake up in the mexican underworld where You meet La Catrina, goddess of Tierra de Muertos. After knowing the pathetic cause of your death, La Catrina challenges you to cross Tierra de Muertos defeating hundreds of her undead servants. If you manage o build your own Altar de Muertos and escape, You will go back to life. Become the champion of Tierra de Muertos in the brand new Arena Mode, where you will have to fight with the endless hordes of undead servants of La Catrina to beat highest score. Jump into the craziest and most frenetic game ever made for Oculus Rift, and kill everything that moves in this mexican colorful adventure.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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