Moss Destruction Shotgun with Glitters 2019

This is a tough-as-a-nail rogue-lite, twin stick action shooter, with a well-balanced ranking up system and sweet, hand-crafted visuals. Tackle the hordes of exotic creatures through 3 unique worlds of isometric levels. Play as the hero of your choice through the challenging adventure. Rank up. Install Mech-Tech upgrades as suits your playstyle best for each run. Experiment with unknown tech. With the randomized per run power-ups, upgrades and the procedurally generated levels, no two runs are the same. Collect and spend Krysol in the shop to gain permanent upgrades for your mech. Pick your weapon of choice from an arsenal of guns. Defeat humongous bosses in strange lands among fast paced action. Enjoy the sweet and crispy, hand drawn artstyle and full controller support. Feature of the future: a co-op mode will be added to the game. The Mossorian Empire is dying. A once flourishing civilization spending their ever joyful lives in perfect photosynthesis has now been pushed to the brink of extinction. Their undisturbed prosperity has given birth to envy and hatred in the hearts of the neighboring folks who have sworn destruction of the Mossorians. With their forces allied, the enemy have prepared a vicious plan to annihilate the Empire and with the completion of their DieSun Sphere around the Mossorians only sun, the fate of a race will be sealed forever. Hope is but the last thing to die, for a handful of fearless Moss-warriors are ready to stand up to the challenge. Hopping into their battle mechs, these reckless heroes serve as the last line of defense for the Mossorian Empire. Can they stand against the joined forces of evil? Will they defeat them and save their own kind? That is yet up to you to answer.
Download: None currently available

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