Virtua Squad 2 / Virtua Cop 2 AM2 / Sega Entertainment 1997

This is a good port of the Sega arcade hit game which is a rail shooter in first person view. Similar to House Of The Dead, there is a new feature - the ability to choose between two different paths per level. You'll get bonus points for hitting targets quickly and also for hitting them three times before they hit the ground. Civilians pop up from time to time, yelling "Don't shoot!" and "Somebody help me!" and generally getting in the way. A targeting reticle homes in on the villain who poses the most immediate threat, and offers you a visual cue as to how long it will take the guy to get a bead on you. As the reticle changes from green to yellow to red, you know that he's about to shoot. The enemies react differently depending on where you hit them. Shoot them in the groin and they will fall forward, clutching themselves in agony. Shoot them in the head, and you will see it snap and the body fall backward in realistic motion. There are also many more interactive backgrounds than in the first game: you can crash windows, lighting fixtures, or even make cars jackknife across the road by shooting their tires. Although the graphics are a bit out-of-date especially compared with 3D-accelrated marvels today, the details of polygons and their animations here are certainly second to none. The levels though are a bit short and the game relatively easy.
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Level Demo ~6MB ( @
Full Demo ~6MB ( @
Thearcadestriker's custom SEGA installer - Full Demo 35MB (uploaded by Supernova)
ISO Demo ~15MB ( upped by keropi)
2001 Xplosiv Budget release - ISO Demo 274MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Clone ISO Demo 275MB (uploaded by Egon68)
included in Xplosiv Top 10 - Clone ISO Demo 73MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Virtua Cop 1+2 - Full Demo with DOSBox (works on Win10) 330MB (uploaded by The Collection Chamber)

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