Virtual Battlespace 1 / Virtual Battlefield Systems 1 Bohemia Interactive Studio / Coalescent Technologies 2004

This is based on the commercial gaming engine Real Virtuality created by Bohemia Interactive - the same engine powering Operation Flashpoint and Armed Assault. The game was originaly developed for the US army in 2002, and came to stores for general public in 2004. It can be specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of military, law enforcement, homeland defense, and first responder training environments. VBS1 is a fully interactive, three-dimensional training system providing a premium synthetic environment in which team members may practice small unit tactics. Photo-realistic terrain, user-definable mission scenarios, customized vehicles and equipment, and variable environmental conditions enhance the team training experience. After-action review support assists the training facilitator in assessing the team's performance and in promoting continuous process improvement. Participants may operate weaponry, drive vehicles, and fly aircraft within the simulation for any training or analytical purpose. VBS offers large, realistic terrain areas and the ability to operate a myriad of land, sea, and air vehicles. A comprehensive yet easy-to-use mission editor is shipped with the product, allowing any imaginable scenario to be created. An advanced squad management system enables participants to efficiently issue orders to both human and AI squad members as well as coordinate both lethal and non-lethal tasks. VBS also incorporates real-time simulation of wind, rain, fog, clouds, time-of-day, sunrise and sunset, and tides.
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ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 430MB
Fan-Made Missions

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