Massive Air Combat Sonic-Alpha-SKY / NS 2019

You can enjoy large-scaled aerial battle that you have never been experienced. Aircraft appearing in the game (there are definitely your favorite planes here): XF-99 Artemis (Fictitious fighter plane. as Player), MQ-9 (UAV), AH-64 helicopter, V-22 Osprey, AH-6 helicopter, F-86 (low mobility), F-104 (low mobility), F-117 (low mobility), F-16, F-15, F-15Ace (high mobility), F-18, F-22, YF-22Ace (high mobility), Mig-29, Su-27, Su-34, PAKFA (Su-57) (high mobility), and B2 bomber. As ground vehicles, AA-GUNs, SAMs, TANKs (It is not decided which fighter is an enemy or ally). Features: A lot of ally and enemy air fighters more than 100 in 1 level); Many fighters simultaneously fight in the air in the same place; 6 campaign levels; 1 score level (You can compete with other players on the STEAM leader board); 1 extra level (Boarding a helicopter to destroy all ground targets); As a story after the war, two levels; 7 music songs exclusively for this game that excites the air fight. All of the music is our composition; You can find the folder of the soundtrack by right-clicking the name of this game on STEAM application and pressing "Properties", "Local file", "View local file"; You can listen all the songs of Air Combat series. Level 1: Maxell has attacked our country again! Intercept them. Level 2: Destroy the enemy helicopter battalion. Level 3: The enemy occupied the allied island. Shoot down all enemy fighters. Level 4: Take back the island. Destroy all the ground vehicles on the island. Level 5: All of the enemy fighters took off. Prepare for a massive air battle. Level 6: Shoot down all enemy ace pilots. Level 7: Score Ranking Level. Level 8 (Extra): Get on the helicopter and destroy all the ground vehicles. However, lock on can not be used. Level 9: ??? Level 10: Although the enemy should have signed a peace treaty, the enemy has massively dispatched old cool fighters to our capital city. Time series: XF-97 proto-type (Air Combat) -> XF-98 (SkyGameChanger-Air Combat II-) -> XF-99 , The Ultimate Fighter (Massive Air Combat). Appearing countries: Willsword - Player's country; Maxell - Enemy country; Ulcafy - Allies of Willsword. Story - Advances in radar technology have made stealth fighter a normal fighter plane. Willsword country developed the latest fighter XF-98. It is a fighter with high attack power and phenomenal durability. Due to the MD armor equipped with this fighter aircraft, radar performance has declined greatly. MD armor is an armor that weakens enemy missiles by irradiating missiles with high power laser and EMP. The Willsword country further evolved XF - 98 and completed "XF-99 Artemis". This aircraft became the ultimate invincible fighter. And feared as "Fortress in the air" from pilots of the Maxell federation.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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