Satisfactory Coffee Stain Studios 2019

Early Access Release This is an FPS with elements of economic strategy and simulation game, developed by the team who made the Sanctum series and the best-selling Goat Simulator. We play the role of an employee of Ficsit corporation, which conducts scientific research and implements new technologies. Taking part in the Save The Day program, we are sent to one of the distant planets to realize the assumptions of a strictly secret project called Project Assembly. Our task is to create a powerful, automated factory complex. The creators put at our disposal an open world of thirty square kilometers; exploration is an important element of the game, because only in this way can we find raw materials for building buildings, constructing various devices and building production lines. Due to the fact that the goods produced by us increase in size over time, the prerequisite for success is the constant expansion of the complex and providing it with appropriately efficient power sources. As the factory becomes a real moloch, vehicles (like buggies, trucks and trains) as well as hanging sidewalks or hills that make it easier to navigate and move between distant points are becoming more and more important. However, the matter can be complicated by the local fauna. Although among the creatures searching the planet's surface there is no shortage of peaceful creatures suitable for tame, while traversing the wilderness we often come across aggressive, overgrown predators; during a meeting with one of them we usually have nothing else left to do but to use a firearm. It allows you to play on your own as well as to play co-operative games in the company of three players.
Download: None currently available

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