Maxforce NewSoft 1998

Spanish shoot 'em up with a side view, created by NewSoft - a well-known in narrow circles of connoisseurs manufacturer (and publisher) of budget games. You control a ship with infinite ammunition and a certain the amount of "health" flying from left to right on a scrolling screen with views of "flat" space (later, however, there will be a slightly different subject screen), and several types of enemies (including bosses with a large margin of safety, displayed as a separate scale); whatever bonuses (including for “treatment”), levels, “life” (in case of death, we return to the starting point), additional dangers, etc. are absent. The graphics, let's say, are average - and quite acceptable for old game lovers. The game can be suitable except for very short-term "relaxation": during the first minutes it is simple, but then the concentration of opponents and their fire begin to increase.
Full Demo 30MB (uploaded by
included in New Games - Spanish 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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