Revon NewSoft 1998

This budget Spanish space shoot 'em up from NewSoft - like all the games from this company, is very rare, and besides - it is different from the traditional representatives of the subgenre. Perspective view - top view; we control the "ax-like" fighter. The most important feature is the inability to leave the limits (quite, I must say, limited) of the space visible after the start of the game, although within it we can move anywhere in four directions and stop at any moment. Almost immediately, enemy ships of the most diverse forms, as well as asteroids, meteorites and other space objects, begin to appear from outside the borders of the screen - first the top, and soon both side ones. Some opponents just fly past (although physical contact with them is harmful in any case), some are firing rays or missiles in all directions, while others purposefully attack the “protagonist” on the fly or even stop for that for a couple of seconds. Our fighter has several "lives", not the smallest store of health (displayed as a vertical scale on the left) and an unlimited amount of energy charges. In addition, three types of bonuses periodically fall on top: white capsules with red crosses - first-aid kits, fully or partially restoring vitality; black ellipses with two orange dots, for a while (it reads on the right side of the screen near the corresponding icon) doubling the power of our "basic" weapon (that is, it shoots the last in this period with just a couple of turns, and not one, as usual) and a similarly shaped object with a horizontal yellow crescent, replacing - again for a while - ammunition with a powerful laser stream. The best tactic, oddly enough, is to stay at the bottom of the screen, and precisely at the point where we appeared: this is how the airplane will fly around until a certain point. Over time, the "diagonal" flights (and attacks) of armadas of enemy ships will begin, as if aimed directly at him, so you have to evade them. Please note that falling bonuses - flying, alas, very slowly - can easily be destroyed by someone's fire or even just disappear, so it’s necessary to make quick “forays” behind them. In the event of death, the fighter is reborn at the same point, but sometimes it can be occupied by the enemy’s host for those fractions of a second that it is not on the screen, and then the machine explodes immediately after it appears. Subsequently, the player is expected to meet with bosses with a large margin of safety, Of course, there is no need to expect any graphic miracles from such a game: the “space” is miniature and “flat”, of the effects are only explosions and shots (albeit as varied as possible); It is worth a little praise and more or less original design of hostile objects, of which there are about a dozen types, as well as not the worst of their drawing. The game can come as a short (several minutes long, because then it starts to bother because of monotony) when you want something simple at the same time and still requiring the beginnings of tactical thinking.
Full Demo 7MB (uploaded by
included in New Games - Spanish 2CD ISO Demo 289MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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