Refight: The Last Warship Brahma Game 2019

Early Access Release Each game will be attended by 30 people. Players need to search for and collect naval guns, armor, engines, ammunition, torpedoes, supplies, etc. in the vast ocean. After that, players need survive in the confrontation, avoid air strikes, snowstorm areas and stick to the end. Survive - Players need to overcome the harsh environment of rain and fog, escape from random bombing areas and expanding blizzards. They not only avoid enemy fire and torpedoes, bust also destroy enemies in a difficult environment to survive to the end. Explore - The initial material of the player is very scarce. The maps that are ignorant, the materials that appear randomly, they need to use their keen sense of smell to explore and obtain supplies and strengthen their own battleships according to their own understanding of the map. Confrontation with the player is the core of the Battle Royale game. There are three types of warships to choose from. On the sea where the enemy is surrounded, use the main gun to bombard, or torpedo underwater attack, or vertical launch missile fixed-point strike. It’s up to you. Island capture - The island is a battleground for the military. It can hide your warships and avoid enemy torpedoes. The rational use of the islands will allow you to better grasp the situation. Whoever masters the island will have the initiative in the battlefield.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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