Defection Sergey Saratov 2019

Early Access Release Take equipment and fight in battles for influence by the lands along with the militia, or join the apostates. This is a third-person multiplayer hardcore shooter with a hand-drawn, medieval style in which you, along with your team, will fight for influence with dots on the map. The game also has classic game modes, such as, deathmatch and team deathmatch, as well as scavenger mode, a mixture of deathmatch and battle royale. Features: Single player game with 64 bots on the map; Multiplayer for 48 players (the figure will change during the development, in a smaller or larger direction, it depends on the comfort of the game and the optimization of the network component); 4 game modes (classic fight and team fight, capture of points and "Scavenger"); 4 maps; various melee and ranged weapons; character customization; Handpainted low-poly style.
Download: None currently available

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