Redviil Burrik, Idalgame 2019

Early Access Release This is a post-apocalyptic indie game. The world has swept a pandemic. Disrupted DNA was found in 1% of the population of the planet due to which they developed immunity. The rest were forced to go into the bunkers under the ground to escape from infection. Alice is a brilliant scientist and owner of an impaired gene. Your task is to explore the cruel and mysterious world, stand up, fight for survival and try to find a cure. Features: Fascinating gameplay; Tactical real time battle, with the possibility of slowing down the time for decision-making; A smart non-linear AI that makes you think; The main character with her cockroaches in her head; Arrangement of the base and its defense from lovers of profit; The laboratory with its research of the virus, the search for drugs and not only; Modification and improvement of weapons; Beautiful thoughtful environment; Survival mode; And much more.
Download: None currently available

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