Gangster Moscow: Showdowns on the Roads [Ru] Bug Hunter Software / Media Service 2000 2005

We have the opportunity to plunge into the criminal world of Moscow, to participate in night chases and shootouts, to increase the rating and respect in the gangster environment. The developers tried to introduce an element of shooting into ordinary arcade races. You can choose two game modes in the menu: arcade and career. You should not even consider the first one: on the whole it is a single race without the right to choose cars and tracks. To go through the career mode, you need to overcome five episodes of three races in each. And what are the names of the tracks: “Brutal quarters”, “Meat grinder”, “Gangster streets”, etc. The game presents ten nameless cars to choose from, and in the beginning only one is open . Others are opened as race wins and milestones are checked. In each race we will face three opponents, amd our car has four parameters: power, speed, handling and firepower. We can shoot - in front of the machine there is a crosshair of the sight, and using the left mouse button you will have to discharge one by one clip into opponents. The number of cartridges is shown in the lower left of the screen, a couple of seconds are spent on automatic recharging. If nobody shoots at us, why did they even introduce this element into the game and what does it give? It seems it only momentarily slows opposing cars. The greater the firepower of our car, the stronger the effect of hits. When successful shots in the center of the screen for a split second pop up the words: "excellent accuracy" or "successful accuracy." All the action takes place among deserted streets, where there are neither people nor any other transport. All the tracks are actually sections of one quarter, and this is clearly not similar to Moscow. Empty boxes of houses, fences and pillars, we will definitely not have to admire the beauty, especially considering that all the races take place at night. There is no mini-map at all, but the arrow indicates the path on the screen; moreover, we must pass through certain marks in the form of green domed lights on the road. Here you can easily go astray, as the new label appears only after passing the previous one - and you can fly a turn or drive in the wrong direction. In general, playing is not so easy, especially since rivals, despite the fact that they do not know how to shoot, behave rather aggressively. During collisions, our car does not get damage, but can be turned around. Graphics for 2005 looks not so good. Several music tracks are chosen quite successfully: at least, they are not annoying.
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